Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"May You Stay Forever Young."

Title of this post was taken from the song Forever Young by Bob Dylan. 

Age is just a number and I truly believe that. I have no problem telling people how old I am. I'm 31 or half way to 62 whichever way you want to look at it. I do not want to celebrate my 29th birthday year after year, I like the idea of growing, progressing and learning with age. I will always be young at heart and I think that is what matters.

 Mike would often complain about the aches and pains of getting older, and I would tease him about his receding hair line, but it never kept him from being a kid at heart.  As I go through things in the garage I can't help but smile and wonder what I'm going to do with the thousands of Star Wars action figures he collected, or the boxes upon boxes of D & D stuff he had. Comic books, action figures from his childhood, his dice bag, I guess I'll store it all right next to my giant stuffed Elmo and Disney comic books.

 This is what made him an incredible father. He loved getting in the floor and helping the kids build Lego creations. He had his own DSI and would share gaming strategies with them. He loved taking them to the park and flying kites, or chasing them around the play ground. He never let adult responsibilities keep him from being with the kids, and when he had to tend to those things he always included the kids.

We loved being silly and having fun. We never worried about what our silly moments looked like to anyone else, because they belonged to us. His ringtone on his cell was of R2D2 and mine is the Unicorn Song from the movie Despicable Me.  Do you remember touchable bubbles? They came out several years ago, and I love bubbles. Mike would buy them for me and we would spend hours outside blowing bubbles with the kids. Okay, I say with kids, but really it was for me. The Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head, um that wasn't really for the kids it was for Mike to play with. This won't change for me. I will still blow bubbles and enjoy my cartoons it will just be different because I don't have Mike to share those moments with.


Jennifer said...

You have an amazing way with words!!! Thinking about you daily!!!

Anonymous said...

Melanie, i love all of your blogs!!! They help me understand and enjoy your life with Mike..love you all!

lyndsey said...

You're definitely not the only ones to still play like kids. After we were married Jonathan's parents brought ten tubs full of toys from their basement! We're always buying toys for Holly because they look fun! I'm sure your kids love your participation

lyndsey said...

Sorry. Jonathan was still signed in when I posted that.

Melanie said...

We did love being silly. That would be why 1/2 of our garage is full of toys, lol.