Sunday, May 15, 2011

"We Met In The Springtime At A Rock-And-Roll Show."

Title of post taken from the song New York City by TMBG

I've always liked music that would be considered a little odd. I mean my favorite band is They Might Be Giants, and you are thinking who the heck are they, am I right? As a teenager I listened to their music while everyone else was listening to. . .well I don't know what everyone else listened to because I didn't care.

The longer Mike and I were together the more eclectic our music collection became. What I loved was that no matter how different our music was we always respected what the other liked. He didn't listen to TMBG in his spare time, but he knew the songs, and Pantera is not my favorite band, but I know all the albums and lyrics to some songs.

I love music and thus I heart going to concerts. I haven't been to a lot of concerts, but Mike and I were working on remedying that. Here's my concert list thus far.

No Doubt, Goo Goo Dolls and Bush


Montgomery Gentry

Jane's Addiction and Nine Inch Nails

Jonathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants

Jon Schmidt

Augustana and Counting Crows

Paul and Storm, and Jonathan Coulton

Okay, so not a lot, but I hope to keep adding to the list. I want to continue going to concerts and taking the kids as appropriate. It seems kind of lame to go to a concert alone, so I'm struggling with not having Mike here with me. I can't even stand the thought of going to the movies alone much less a concert. I will deal with that as it comes. Anyway, I got an email yesterday that They Might Be Giants will be playing at The National in Richmond on September 29! I'm so super excited! I asked Sebastian and Tyler if they would be interested in going with me, they did not share my enthusiasm, but finally nodded their heads and said they would go. It will be bitter sweet, the last time I saw them Mike was with me. I even have several pieces of confetti from that concert. Maybe I'm sentimental to a fault, but it works for me. TMBG in September and who knows what else.

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