Thursday, June 30, 2011

There's No End In Sight

Title of this post was taken from the song I Hate My Life by Theory of A Deadman.

About a week after Mike passed away I started changing accounts into only my name. For the most part this was pretty easy. Credit card companies took his name off the account with no fuss. The mortgage company made me the primary owner with just a copy of the death certificate. I've only had problems with one bank. We have a home equity loan with them and for whatever reason it was only put in Mike's name. Here is how the first conversation I had with them went.

Me: My husband passed away last week, and I need to have this account put in my name so that I can take care of it.

Bank: We need proof that you have been given power of attorney over his estate before we will do that.

Me: I am automatically made power of attorney because I'm his wife. I'll be happy to fax you the death certificate if you want.

Bank: We don't want that we need something from a lawyer stating that you have power of attorney.

Me: But, I'm automatically given that right being that I'm his wife.

Bank: Look Mrs. Dawson, we will not give out any further information concerning this account without that information.

Me: Did you get that you just called me Mrs. in HIS WIFE.

Bank: It doesn't matter.

Me: Can I speak with your supervisor.

Bank: You've called after normal business hours and there is not a supervisor here that can help you.

I hung up on them and the next day called the deputy clerk of courts, and they stated that they had already put the deed to our property in my name, and that they will not provide anything stating I have power of attorney because I am his wife, and I am automatically listed as power of attorney. So, I've made the loan payments for the last two months, and I finally called the bank back today. This is how the conversation went.

Me: I am calling about an account in my husbands name. He passed away in April, and I just need the pay off amount for this account so that I can take care of it.

Bank: Your name is not listed on the account so we will not be able to give you that information.

Me: I understand that, but all I want is the pay off amount so that I can send you a check for the remaining balance. I'll send it today.

Bank: I'm sorry I can't help you.

Me: Did you receive the payments for the last two months?

Bank: Yes, we did.

Me: Does it state who signed those checks?

Bank: No it does not.

Me: Well, I signed them. So you have no problem cashing a check signed by me, even though I'm not on the account, but you won't give me this information or make me the account holder. 

Bank: That's correct.

Me: So, what happens if I don't make anymore payments.

Bank: Then it will go to collections.

Me: Would you like the name of the cemetery and the burial plot number so that you can attempt to collect that payment.

Bank: Mrs. Dawson your not making sense. Of course we don't want the information.

Me: I'm not making sense? When you can't collect from him, will you just close the account.

Bank: No, we will then contact the next of kin in order to collect.

Me: *I almost threw my phone across the room* DID YOU NOT GET THAT I AM THE NEXT OF KIN!

Bank: Okay, well if you send us a copy of the death certificate we will see what we can do.

Me: I attempted to do that two months ago, and you didn't want it.

Bank: As a favor we will take it now.

By this point I was so frustrated I hung up without getting the number to fax the death certificate to. What is wrong with these people!


Beverly said...

Now I see why your morning is off to a bad start. I don't know what is wrong with these people !!!!! And I hate that you have to deal with so much "bull". Just hang in there !!!!!! Off to see my boys now. :)

Unknown said...

Ugh, that's awful. I was frustrated right alongside you reading that! I work for a financial institution and would NEVER treat a customer that way. Especially in light of such a difficult situation. I hope they get this resolved for you and quickly. Otherwise, I happily volunteer my services to call and yell at them for you!

LightningBug said...

And I wonder why our world is in the shape it's in...bunch of idiots...

lyndsey said...

Call center people are the worst. I have had some of my very worst moments trying to get through to them. IT usually ends with me being extremely mean and hanging up -if they keep notes on every conversation they have with a costumer I'd definitely be listed under their "beware: jerk" category.
Hope they get their act together soon and actually help you out.

Jill said...

I can't be positive, but I'm pretty sure that the people who work at this bank had to take a course in idiodicy before getting their jobs. Are you kidding me. I am so glad that there are still some people who have some sense. Call me if you need anything.

Kate said...

Stupid ass (sorry for the word) people!!!! You should have Mom there next time they give you trouble!!! She will help you out!!!! Love you guys!!!!

Darrell said...

I know this is trivial compared to what you're dealing with: My account with the electric company has been in mine and my first wife's name for as long as I've had it. We've been divorced for twelve years. Every now and then I call them and ask them to put it in my name alone, and they say ok, sure, just let me get some information. I provide the information. And every month I still get the bill to myself and my ex-wife. I'm almost convinced that some people are paid to be morons.

Melanie said...

Thanks everyone. It was the most frustrating thing to deal with. I finally to the suggestion of a friend and emailed every executive to the bank, and I was not very nice. With in three hours someone called me and gave me the information I needed. After this holiday break I should be able to take care of this.

Norma Arritt said...

Hey, I laughed all the way through your conversation with the bank nuts. I can hear your tone of voice now and see the expressions on your face as I'm well aware of your wonderful sense of humor. Surely they sounded like idiots to themselves, and for them to have the nerve to say."you don't make sense".I hope you made them aware of their responsibility to know the simple correct procedure in dealing in the future with a situation like this.