Tuesday, June 7, 2011

They Paved Paradise and Put Up A Parking Lot

Title of this post was taken from the song Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows. 

I have two brothers and one sister, Matthew, Mandaly and Michael. Yes, we were the M & M kids growing up. All of our names start with M and have seven letters. Anyway, I am the second oldest in this little line up. I grew up never having to mow the lawn. I'd like to say the boys always took care of it, but Mandaly reminded me the other day that she did her fair share of mowing. I guess I was the exception. I can not recall ever mowing the lawn growing up. I do have fond memories of raking the grass after they mowed, or picking weeds from the flower beds. This trend stayed the same during our marriage. In the 14 years we were married I mowed the lawn 3 times. I offered many times, but Mike always said he would take care of it. He liked mowing the lawn as he listened to his music.

Several people have offered or have come to mow my lawn since Mike passed away. I am very appreciative of these acts of kindness, it wasn't something I could deal with at the time. I've mowed the lawn several times over the last few weeks, mostly because I need to feel independent and know that I can handle these things. Mike had the mowing down to an exact science. He had a certain way he did things and I have not yet created any familiar patterns. In fact he would probably laugh at me because I seem to mow in a whimsical manner. I'll start in one spot and then think to myself "hmmm....that part of the lawn looks lonely I think I'll go over there." The last time I mowed I wondered if it would be okay to just mow a smiley face in my front yard. Maybe this would be why he always took care of the mowing. He knew my attention span and silly nature would get in the way.

Mike always pruned the trees, cut back the rose bush, and did all that good stuff. He loved working with his bonsai trees. He would spend hours pruning them. I do not do well with plants, or anything that deals with keeping something plant like alive. He often said he had the yard on a five year plan :) ever the planner he knew what he eventually wanted the yard to look like. It kills me that I'm not really sure what that plan included. He never really went into it with me. Now my lawn has no plan except to not kill the grass. I'm a hopeless mess when it comes to landscaping and anything of the such. I guess it would be a little different if I even cared enough to want to like gardening, but...well not so much. I guess I will settle for mowing the lawn at this point.   

On a totally different subject. I bought tickets for Sebastian, Tyler and myself to see They Might Be Giants in concert at The National in Richmond. When I bought the tickets the opening band was not listed. Anyway, I found out today that Jonathan Coulton will be opening for them!!! I'm super excited and so are the kids. If you've never heard any of his music you should totally take a listen. It's just fun stuff. For those of you that may not know why I heart Mr. Coulton (other than his music) click on the link FB posts and read the one marked April 20, 2011. It might make a little more sense.


Mandaly B. said...

You mow the lawn in a "whimsicle manner"? Only you! That is so funny!! I enjoyed reading this post :)

Kate said...

I loved this one too.. you know as well as I do that mike was a perfectionist!!!!!

lyndsey said...

I too have never mowed a lawn, but I think it'd be therapeutic. Like vacuuming. It feels good to watch the room slowly change as you suck up the bad and leave perfect rows of cleanliness behind. I'm picturing swirls and waves in your yard with that whimsical mowing you're doing!

Melanie said...

Mandaly - That's why you love me :)

Kate - He sure did. He liked things a certain way, me...well not so much, lol.

Lyndsey - I was dreading mowing the lawn at first, but I think you are right. It is therapeutic, and I'm having fun with it :)

ethompson said...

I'm only aloud to mow the backyard, where no one can see! When Ed was hurt, our grass just didn't get mowed. I understand where you are coming from about him liking things just so.

Melanie said...

Elisabeth that is too funny!