Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life Is Like A Riddle And I'm Really Stumped

Title of this post was taken from the song Gotta Get Away by Offspring.

    For the love of all that is holy! I can't seem to find a blog design that I like enough to stick with. Sorry about the changes, but it's driving me crazy. Anyway, we are back from the beach, and I have some stories to tell. Hope you enjoy.
Thursday, June 21 - We made it to Myrle Beach safe! It was a long drive, and Tyler and Mason fought a good bit of the way. I am really looking forward to spending some time with not only the kids, but with Mandaly and Michael. Time to read and get ready for bed.

Friday, July 22 - We slept in! The only plans we had for today was to play on the beach. The kids loved it. They were jumping waves, burying each other in the sand, building sand castles, and collecting seashells.  I really want to tell you more about the seashell collecting. There were so many shells on the beach and they began filling up one of the chairs with shells immediately. There were other people around us also picking up shells, but their approach was completely different from the kids. The kids picked up whatever caught their eye, and most often this meant shells that were broken and chipped. Most of the people around us were looking for shells that were whole. They didn't want the broken ones. As the kids ran to show us the broken but beautiful shells, or as Mikayla scooped one up and handed it to me begging me to look at the shape or the texture, I couldn't help but smile. Our kids got it. They understood something basic and fundamental that many adults do not get. They understand that regardless of the outside appearance there is beauty to be found in everything. In every broken, chipped, unpolished shell they picked up, they found something beautiful. They were picking up the pieces that everyone else either overlooked or threw back into the water. It made me smile to watch them. Then I had to wonder do they also treat people the same way? Do they see the beauty in everyone or do they automatically judge someone by how they look? I would like to think that they are able to see the beauty in everyone. I want to think that they look beyond the outside to see the inside. I happen to think these are four amazing kids, and I do believe that each of their life experiences thus far have taught them to be the kind and compassionate people they are. 

Saturday, July 23 - Today we went to Broadway At The Beach. I'm not a big shopper, and so Mandaly probably didn't get to look at everything she wanted to, but there is only so much looking around I can do. Bless her for putting up with me. We did go to an IMAX movie titled Into The Wild. It was about these two women who worked with orphaned animals in Africa. One worked with elephants and the other orangutans. These women dedicated their whole lives to these projects and it was incredible to see their work unfold. They have a true purpose in life, and they live that to the fullest. It got me thinking about what my purpose in life is. If I don't know what it is then how do I live up to it? I'll have to think about this one.
     Mandaly and I sat on the beach tonight after the kids went to bed. We laughed, cried, and spilled our guts about all the things we were feeling. Okay, I probably did a lot more spilling, but she listened. I don't know what I would do without her. Thank you sis.

Sunday, July 24 - We went back out to the beach today to let the kids swim. I've always known how hard Mandaly worked to make sure Mikayla has the same experiences as her peers, but it never fails to amaze me. It takes a bit of work to get my three kids beach ready. We have to get them in their swimsuits, pack up all our junk such as beach chairs and toys, and then we have to physically make it out there. It takes Mandaly more prep time for Mikayla than it takes for all three of mine. The beach access that we had to use was not really handicap friendly. There were stairs involved and then we had to push her chair through the sand. Have you ever pushed a wheelchair through the sand? It's not easy. We figured out that if Mandaly carried Mikayla on her back then I could pull the chair through the sand, which was a lot easier. She carried Kayla, I pushed/pulled the chair, while we carried two beach bags, four beach chairs, all with my three kids in tow. Not to mention the sand was HOT so we are trying to walk as fast as possible so that we didn't burn our feet. So, it was a choir getting everyone out there, but once we did we had a great time! The kids absolutely loved it. Of course getting everyone back to the hotel we had the same issues only we were covered in sand. Just thinking about it now makes me tired, but never did Mandaly complain or question it. She never questions whether or not Mikayla can participate in something, instead she questions how to make it happen, and then she just does it. She does what she needs to do so that Mikayla has these experiences.  She is one of my heroes, and I hope she doesn't mind that I shared. I love Mikayla like she were my own.

Monday, July 25 - Home Sweet Home! Thank you Michael for going with us and for all your help! I love you guys so very much!

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Beverly said...

Loved this post ! Especially about the shells & about how Mandaly is with her daughter ! Very inspiring.Sounds like you had a wonderful time & I'm so very glad you did !!! Have a good week ! We love you !