Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If You Don't Expect Too Much From Me, Then You Might Not Be Let Down

Title of this post was taken from the song Hey Jealousy by Gin Blossoms.

Goals. I make them and then I don't ever seem to accomplish them. However, I have so much stuff that needs to be done that I'm going to dedicate this post to all that crap. Maybe if I post it here then I will hold myself a little more accountable....*cough cough yea right*.

Main Goal  

1) Complete all other goals
2) Be totally moved into our new house by June 1, 2012. 
* That's about 43 weeks from now.

Goals Needed to Reach Main Goal

1) Paint the L room. We call it the L room, because's shaped like an L.
2) Remove cabinet, shelves, sink and toilet from upstairs bathroom.
3) Scrap off tile from bathroom floor.
4) Fix holes and paint bathroom.
5) Put down new floor in bathroom.
6) Install new mirror, sink, and toilet.
7) Fill, and sand all the holes and seams in the upstairs bedroom and on the stairwell.
8) Paint bedroom and stairwell.
9) Paint Sebastian's room.
10) Paint the living and dining room.
11) Change the locks on the doors.
12) Install screen in Tyler's window.
13) Power wash the house.
14) Replace the window to the cellar.
15) Replace the door to the cellar.
16) Clean out the rest of the shed.
17) Clean out the garage and clean the walls.
18) Clean up the mulch from the failed flowerbed and put down grass seed.
19) Fix the drawer in the kitchen.
20) Paint Tyler's room ?

Okay, so for right now that is a pretty comprehensive list, and yes some of those things I broke down into smaller goals, because I felt that way they were manageable. Good times, good times. I can so do this. I'm sure my dad will get tired of my questions on how to do things, and some of it he is already planning on helping me with, but it will get done. I'll also have to add to this as we start the process of getting the land ready, and actually buying the house. I want a modular, and I hope to have a rough draft of what the house will look like by December. Anyway, I'll add to this list as those things come about. See the plan is that my brother, Matthew, and his wife Trena will rent this house. That way the house still belongs to us, but it helps me out, and they get to move from where they are to over here. Speaking of my awesome brother and his family, I am an aunt again! Ms. Emma was born on July 22. I wonder if her spirit was with Mike before she was born? Here are a few pics. Love you precious.


Jill said...

It sounds like you've got all of your ducks in a row. Let me know if I can help. We've gone through the whole process of getting land ready and buying a modular home. I will help you any way that I can. You're right. You can do this.

lyndsey said...

I have a similar list! But when you break it down it gets done little by little. Just curious, why did you decide to have a modular built instead of buying an existing home? Are you staying in Covington or is the land for the new house elsewhere?

I'm not always that helpful in the fixing up part, but if you need a painter I'm really good at that!

Melanie said...

Lyndsey - We have some land right behind my parents house, and we are going to put a house there. The kids are excited. We've been thinking about it for awhile, and it just seems like time.