Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Have A Family Here On Earth. They Are So Good To Me

The title of this post was taken from the song Families Can Be Together Forever which is an LDS Hymn.

Yes sweetie. 
I can't get the screen in by myself. Can you come help me? 
Sure thing. I'll be there in a minute. 
I love you. 
I love you too.

Job complete.

Dad, there are some exposed wires running from the AC to the house. Is it okay if I just wrap duct tape around them? 
Let me check and see if I have electrical tape in the car.

He knelt down in the grass and picked up the wires. I watched as his nimble fingers wrapped the tape around them. His arms are tan from working hours upon hours out in the hot sun. He doesn't just do work around his house though. He is the man to call if you need advice or help. Just the other day I called him and...

Dad? What are you doing today? 
Just helping Bruce move some stuff, and then I need to go mow a lawn for someone. What can I do for you.
Just want you to know how much I love you. 
I love you too.

He wraps the wires once, and then re-wraps them. A moment from another time drifts into my thoughts like the light breeze that is blowing.

Yes daddy?
Always remember a job worth doing is worth doing right. 
I know dad. You taught me well.

I look at his salt and pepper colored hair and I'm filled with love, but not just my love for him. At that moment I get a small glimpse of how much my dad must love me. He tapes the, now covered, wires to the other hose. 

Yes dad.
What are you going to do with that air conditioner you aren't using.
I don't know dad.
Well, I know someone who could use it if you don't want it.
Sure dad, you can take it.
Thanks I'm sure they will appreciate it.
Dad, you always think of everyone else. I love you.
I love you too.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone grew up with a family as loving and amazing as mine. My dad knows everything, and would do anything for anyone. My mom must be his perfect match then, because she is the same way. They both are constantly serving others. It doesn't matter who you are or what life has brought your way, they are the least judgmental people I've ever met. We grew up understanding what work meant. We were taught to have a great work ethic, and we were taught responsibility at a very young age. As early as eight years old my dad would let me write the check for my school lunch and he would sign it. How many times did I sit with him while he showed me how to balance a checkbook. My mom taught us other life skills. We knew how to clean and fold laundry. We knew the importance of helping those in need. We never lacked for anything in our home, but what do you really need when there is so much love. I knew that no matter what sticky situation I found myself in, I could call my parents and they would be there for me. 

Dad? I wrecked the car. Dad what am I going to do? I'm so sorry. 
Melanie are you okay? 
Yes, but dad the car. 
Sweetie, they make new cars everyday, but there is only one of you. 
Dad, I love you. 
I love you too.

How many hours upon hours did I spend with my mom visiting people in nursing homes. As a child we would volunteer while mom worked. We would come to work with her, spend the day  visiting everyone, and helping out where needed. Even after she stopped working she would still visit those wonderful people. 

Mom? Where are you going? 
To the nursing home. Some of them have no family that are able to visit, and I feel so sorry for them. 
Mom, I love you. 
I love you too. 

 Mom is always sneaking into my house to clean or wash clothes. So many times she has come by to drop off dinner when she knows I've had a busy week.

Mom, you really didn't have to do all this. 
I know, but I was fixing dinner for another family too, and I wanted to share with you. 
I love you mom. 
I love you too.

How, did I get so lucky? How did WE get so lucky. Not only do I have amazing parents, but I have two incredible brothers, and an inspiring sister. I have truly been blessed. I don't know what I would do without my family. 

Dad, I want to go back to college.
You can never go wrong with education.
I know. Thanks dad.
You've already forgotten more than I will ever know.
Not possible dad.
I love you.
Love you too.

Mom? What are you doing today.
I've got some stuff to do, but what do you need.
It's okay then.
No really what do you need.
Well, I have some things I need to take care of and well...the kids don't want to go.
Bring them by, we will have fun.
But, you are busy.
Never too busy for you.
Love you mom.
Love you too.

Dad, I don't know how I'm going to get through this. I miss him so much.
Sweetie I know. It's going to be hard. We are here for you.
I know. I love you dad. 
I love you too.

Mom, why are you crying?
I miss Mike. I think about him all the time.
I know mom, me too.
I had a dream about him last night.
Oh, mom. 
I love you.
I love you too.

I love you all to infinity and beyond.


Mikie Brown said...

Love this!

Melanie said...

Thanks Mikie. They are pretty amazing.

Beverly said...

Loved this post! I know your parents are wonderful. Never got to know your Mom very well but from the times I've seen her , you could just tell what a kind heart she has.... & well , I just think your Dad is awesome & so sweet. Guess what , my dear friend blessed as you are to have such terrific parents......they are equally blessed to have such an amazing daughter & I'm sure they are & have always been so proud of you ! Love to you & the kids....hope you have a nice weekend.

Fran said...

Melanie, Your parents truly are wonderful:) They are probably the kindest people I have ever met. It explains why you are so wonderful, and you're passing that right on to your awesome kids:) I love you!

Unknown said...

This is so sweet. I am so glad to know you have such amazing people supporting you. Also, isn't it crazy how much our parents really teach and pass on to us? Just a few years ago we were convinced they didn't have a clue. (Me anyway.) Joke is on us I guess. :)

Kate said...

Melanie, this post made me cry especially the last paragraph...I still miss him! You, me and our families only know the hurt and the pain of losing Mike..I am doing better, sometimes I wonder tho..I am so glad we have gotten closer, just wish it wasn't Mike's death that did it..Love and miss you and the kids.. let me know if I can be of any help to you..

lyndsey said...

You really do have an amazing family -you are all such generous and caring people. I'm blessed to have known you all!

Jill said...

I love you, I love your Mom, I love your Dad, I love your brothers, and I love your sister. I love you all!