Sunday, August 21, 2011

You Know I Can't Let You Slide Through My Hands

  The title of this post was taken from the song Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones  
      I've struggled with whether or not to have the kids see a counselor or therapist. We live in an area where there really are not a lot of options when it comes to this kind of stuff. I've called friends, who work in this field, and asked for therapist recommendations, but really I haven't found anyone that I feel would be great for my kids. So, here we are four months since they lost their dad, and I'm feeling totally stressed out about this. Then Mandaly calls me one day. Mikayla is going to do therapeutic horseback riding and she thinks it may be something I should check into for my kids. She makes an appointment for Sebastian and Tyler to try a session, and then find out if it was something that Mason would be able to participate in. Here is a description of what Hoof Beats provides.
     Therapeutic Riding - Therapeutic horseback riding is a unique discipline that brings together people with disabilities, horses, riding instructors, teachers, therapists, physicians, and volunteers – all with one goal – to enhance the quality of life of the participants. The particular goals and the approaches used to achieve these goals will differ according to the client's specific disability, injury, or illness. Physical, mental, social, educational, and behavioral objectives may be incorporated into lesson plans.
     My kids went for their first session yesterday, and it was absolutely amazing. They were able to watch Mikayla first. Watching her sitting on that horse, made me cry. Then it was Sebastian and Tyler's turn. Tyler is working with an arabian horse named Halan, and Sebastian is on a bigger horse and his name is Henry. They both carried the saddles and needed equipment to the stalls. Their instructors then went over some basics with them, and showed them how to brush their horse, pick out their hooves, put on the bridle, and all the other things. They led their horse out to the ring, and then they were able to get on. Their instructors were simply amazing. They each seemed to know exactly what each child needed and even their personalities matched the kids. The learning began. Both kids smiled ear to ear the entire time, and all I heard the rest of the afternoon was how much they couldn't wait to go back.
     I worry about my kids. They have been through so much, and their world has been turned upside down. They each struggle in their own way, but Mason shows it a little more than the others. He screams and cries at night for his dad. He talks about wanting to die so he can see daddy in heaven. It breaks my heart, and all it can do is hold him and cry while he kicks and screams that he wants his daddy. One of the instructors watched Mason for a minute or two, and said she thought this would be a good program for him. She said it would help calm his central nervous system. Her vast knowledge on how to work with my kids was beyond what I could have expected. She knows of their loss, and she has a game plan for how to work with each one of them. I feel like this is the answer I've been looking for.
     For some reason my pictures would not upload, but you can click
here and see the album that I posted on FB. I am grateful for programs like this. 

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Beverly said...

Hi Melanie ! I'm SO glad the kids enjoyed the horses ! Sounds like you found the perfect thing to help them deal with losing Mike. I had to cry when I read about Mason......poor little guy. I can only just imagine your heartache , when he has those times. My heart hearts for you & him. I'm glad your sister realized the horses might be just what you all needed. Never met her but she must be pretty special , just like your whole family. As always just wishing you the very best & hoping to see many more smiling happy pictures of all of you.