Friday, September 9, 2011

They See Me Mowin' My Front Lawn

     The title of this post was taken from the song White and Nerdy by Weird Al Yankovic.

 Fair warning, this is a hodgepodge of words that seem to make some kind of sense, but may not flow effectively.
      I'm a horrible neighbor. I'll admit it. See, I came home from work today tired. I get that it was a short week due to Labor Day, but I worked hard this week. Anyway, I came home and fixed dinner for the kids. I cleaned house, and worked on laundry. Finally around 7:30 I sat down on the couch, thinking about our schedule for tomorrow. Sebastian has a soccer game in the morning and he has to be there at 11. I usually mow the lawn on Saturday mornings. Here is where the bad neighbor part comes in. I usually start mowing around 7am. Mandaly says that's way to early to be mowing, but whatever I just want to get it done. This has been my Saturday morning routine since about May. There have been some exceptions, but usually I try to mow on Saturday. This also means that I usually don't get to sleep in, of course it really doesn't matter because I don't sleep much anyway. I'd just like the option to sleep in. So, as I'm sitting on the couch and thinking about the lawn I decided that maybe I should just mow it tonight instead of waiting to do it in the morning. It sounded like a good idea. Who cared that it was getting dark, and by the time I finished the back yard I could hardly see. I smiled at the neighbor who gave me weird looks for mowing so late, at least it was getting done right? Night mowing, who would have thought it would be fun, and it will be a surprise in the morning when I find out what my yard really looks like. My mower did start to make funny sounds as I was finishing up, and so I guess I'll have my dad look at it.

Melanie, when was the last time the mower was serviced.
Ummmm....four years past never. I don't know how to service it.
Well you really need to service it before you put it away for winter, and then check it out before you use it next year.
Hey dad? Can I pay you to service it?
How about I teach you how to do it?
Okay fine.

I'm guessing this is how the conversation will go. He does his best to make me even more independent than I already am, and I love him for it. He fixed my weed eater last week. Of course I have no idea how to use the weed eater so I had no idea it wasn't working. I just don't get the concept of weed eating. Call me stupid if you want, but the whole string thing, and the tapping to release more string, I don't like it. Furthermore I'm accident prone, and I can see me now trying to use the weed eater and my shins getting in the way. Then I'd have to call nurse Mandaly, and I'm sure blood would be involved, and we're all to busy for this kind of drama. Do you like how I totally rationalized the fact I don't want to learn to use the weed eater? Good times. However, dad has promised to teach me, and so I shall learn...maybe next week.


Beverly said...

LOVED this post , Melanie & IT MADE ME LAUGH , WHICH I NEED VERY MUCH ! I would have mowed tonight , too !

Melanie said...

Glad it made you laugh :P