Thursday, October 27, 2011

And I'm On My Knees Looking For The Answer

The title of this post was taken from the song Human by The Killers.     

The following is something my cousin Jule' wrote for me when I was a teenager. I found it the other day, and it brought back a lot of memories. I wanted to share.

"She sits complacent in a thinly lit silver circle, surround her with
 light and shower her with inked out rain drops. Blackness, she is dark 
yet glowing, and I see her turned towards that wind blowing through her hair,
 chilling her lightly tracing lines, and sweet circles around her body. 
She is new, new yet she knows or does she. Why does she look at you 
like that. You can't get in so don't try, it is a gift, her gift and she'll tell you if she 
deems you worthy of a trip through her marble castle. Smile now, it's okay
 to pretend. It's okay to love her, she wants you to, but you'll never hear 
the words. Her lips seem silken to you. Why can't you touch her? Her 
eyelashes, her face, you are drawn in and sliced. Turn away before
 the crystals burn you, turn away or she'll stab you. She'll carve you up like
 she does her shadow. Go away now, she's not ready for your apathy. 
She's not ready to deal with you, because you are not pure. Spin here for a moment, disorientation beats memories, let the colors merge let the light ebb and 
flow like an encompassing night tide. Let it swallow you, no need to
 breathe now. Her blank stare suffocates you all the more. Let her go
 and maybe one day when you have your wings back she'll notice
 you. Now you can crawl because she sees you and she knows. 
She knows what you have made, she may not understand why, 
but she knows and she does love you."

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