Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm Having A Bad Bad Day. If You Take It Personal Well That's Okay.

     The title of this post was taken from the theme song of Despicable Me by Pharrell.
      Taxes, that word has become a 5 letter word that I don't like being said in my house right now. It might get you grounded if you do. Let me explain. About a month ago I finally had everything I needed to file. I decided to try and file online this year with Turbo Tax. I put in all my information and e-filed it. Two days later I got a rejection notice from Federal and State stating that Mike's pin number did not match the one in the governments system. I called Turbo tax, spent an hour and a half on the phone with them and in the end they just had me resubmit. I received another rejection e-mai. Two more hours on the phone, we made a few tweaks to my taxes and submitted them. Want to take a guess at what happened? If you guessed that they were rejected you would be correct. Two more hours on the phone with a tax specialist that said he had absolutely no idea why they were being rejected, but we made a few more changes and we resubmitted them. I'd give you two chances to guess what happened, but you'd only need one. So, after the fourth rejection I said forget it I would simply take them to someone and have them do it for me.
     I have a folder that I keep all my tax stuff in. After I had put everything into Turbo tax, I put everything back in that folder and put it away. When I went back to get it all out to make an appointment with someone, I realized that Mike's W2 was not in there. I've looked everywhere. I have no idea where it went. I feel like one of my kids and keep telling myself "If you'd truly put it in there, then it'd be there. It didn't grow legs and just walk out of the house!" I hate when I sound like myself to myself. Anyway, two weeks ago I call Westvaco to see about getting a copy. They give me the number to their benefits department and told me to call them.  I call and they say it will take 3-5 days for someone to open the case and call me back. When they finally call me back they tell me without proof that I have power of attorney over his estate they will not send me one. I almost threw my phone, because this is starting to sound like a previous conversation with a bank found here. I calmly stated that this was automatically my right as his wife, and that the deputy clerk of courts said they would not issue me a power of attorney number because it was my RIGHT as his WIFE! They sent my case to a specialist in the benefits department. A week passes and I hear nothing so I call them. The case specialist says that they don't handle W2 stuff in their office and they give me another number to call. I call that number and they transfer me back to the first department. When they pick up I explain everything again, and they transfer back to the other people. Finally after getting pretty irate with the woman on the phone she says she will email me the form I need to fill out in order to have the W2 reprinted. I printed the form, filled it out, scanned it in, and resent it to the company. Two days later I get an email stating that without the power of attorney number they will not process my request and gave me the number to the first department I had talked to if I had any questions. Seriously?!
     Anyway, after I received that e-mail I was beyond furious. I called the company explained everything to a lady named Michele and when I finished explaining it all she hung up on me. There just are no words to describe my frustration. I call back, and get someone on the phone that I had previously yelled at, she remembered me, but listened patiently as I cried and yelled my litany of complaints and my one request. She said she couldn't do anything but that she would forward it all on to her supervisor, Carlos, who originally opened the case and he would call me back. This means that today at school I had to carry my cell phone on me, and leave it on vibrate on the off chance he would call me back. So, when I hadn't heard anything by lunch I called them back and asked to speak with Carlos, they said he was not available, but that he would call me back before the end of the business day. So, 4:30 comes and do you think I've heard from him yet, no. I called them back and once again asked to speak with Carlos. I waited on the phone for ten minutes. The lady finally came back on the phone and said that Carlos was in a meeting and could not come to the phone, but that he asked her to tell me that he had spoke with HR and Mike's W2 would be mailed out first thing Monday morning. Great, now I have to wait until the middle of next week to see if they were telling the truth or lying. I find it incredibly hard to believe that almost a year after his death I'm still dealing with stuff like this. 


Teri said...

I've been tax accountant for 30 years, Turbo Tax should have been able to tell you exactly why the return was rejected and how to fix it. I hear their commercials everyday saying they have professionals on staff to help with any problem. I would complain to the CEO of Turbo Tax. for the W2: sit calmly take a few deep breathes and say a prayer to St. Anthony for the lost W2. He is the patron saint of lost items.

Melanie said...

Teri, I supposedly talked to one of their specialists and even though he was really nice he had no idea how to fix the problem. I think I will complain to the CEO of Turbo Tax. Thanks for the support!