Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's A New Dawn. It's A New Day. It's A New life For Me.

The title of this post was taken from the song Feeling Good by Michael Buble.
Home...I have two of them. Two places that bring about those safe, warm feelings of what a home should feel like. My first home is the one I grew up in. I lived in the same house until I got married and moved out at 18. My parents still live there. Our home was always full of bustle, but it was home. I knew I was safe from the outside world there, and I had two loving parents to guide me as I grew up. My second home is the one I bought with Mike. Mike and I bought the house we are in now in 1999. This is the only house my kids have ever lived in. It is full of family memories. Every inch of this house was turned into our home as we grew and we created memories. The kids remember things that I've long forgotten. They remember the marshmallow fight we had in the house, and how we found marshmallows for months after that. They remember their dad turning up the music and dancing through the house as he cleaned. Their memories are endless. 
     Mike and I had already decided at the beginning of 2011 that we were going to start saving for a new house. We have outgrown this one, and we knew it was time to do something different. After he passed I talked to the kids about what to do. I had thought about selling this one and building one that would have made Mike proud. Sebastian was devastated by this prospect. He broke down and cried at the thought of not owning this home. I decided then that I would never sell it, but would rent it out instead. My dad owns some land right behind his house, and he has worked so hard to clear it and make it nice. We had always wanted to do something on that land and now seems like the perfect time. I've looked at so many modular homes, and gone over so many options. After going over everything I decided to have a company stick build the house. We are just in the beginning stages, I've picked the floor plan, and I'm making all the changes I need to the design. There is still a lot of prep work to be done before construction can begin, but we are beyond excited. 
     I am so incredibly grateful that I have my dad to help me with this process. I am grateful for his education, and his dedication to always doing a job right. He is an electrician, and he knows all the right questions to ask, and all the right things to ask for. Without his wealth of knowledge I would be pretty lost. I am so proud of who he is, and that I get to call him dad. I hope that my kids always feel that way about me. I'm grateful for the lessons, on the value of education, that both my parents gave me. That was my little plug for education or simply learning something new. You never know when you or someone else you love will need it.
      Family is so important to me, and one more thing that I made a priority in picking our design was figuring in Mikayla, my niece, and her needs. I knew I wanted a minimum of 2,500 sq feet, and it had to have four bedrooms. The other things I needed were extra wide door ways to accommodate her wheelchair, and a wheelchair ramp so that it's easy for her to get into the house. This also meant a ranch style home, because it all needed to be on one floor. I also wanted a very open floor plan that way she could go anywhere in the house she wanted to. I anticipate many many sleepovers in this new house, and I desperately want her to have as much independence at our home as she does at her own. If you are interested in looking at the basic floor plan for the house you can click here. If you haven't checked out Mandaly's new video of Mikayla you can also look at that here. Really if you haven't seen her video go check it go will only take  few'll be inspired if you house can wait, go look at her is the link again...did you go check it out?...are you lying?...wasn't it awesome! Love that child, and I can not wait to live in a house that accommodates our needs AND hers. 


Beverly said...

SOOOOOO happy for you & SOOOOOOO proud of you , Melanie!!! Floor plans look great ! And I have looked at your nieces video , several times ,since it was posted.....she is an inspiration !!!!! Love you much !

Unknown said...

exotiziWow! I loved the precious video of Mikayla....what a beautiful little girl she is. I know that she and Tyler must have so much fun together. Your sister reminds me a lot of you;) It looks like Mikayla has a very full life, and that she has 2 parents who love her very much. Do they live nearby so ya'll can visit often? Also, I LOVE your new house. It is beautiful. This you're going to build on the back of your dad's property? That will be wonderful to have your parents so close by.The house is gorgeous. I wouldn't change a thing. I love the brunch area in the kitchen, as well as the dining room. I love the sun room in the back. And I especially LOVE your large master suite with the wonderful bathroom. I'm glad you will be able to rent your house out. It seems like the house has 3 bedrooms. Are you going to add a fourth to accommodate Mikayla when she comes overnight, so will she stay in Tyler's room? When do you expect move-in date for your new house? I am happy for you, Melanie that things are working so well for you. I am truly happy-you and the children deserve it!

Melanie said...

Beverly - Thanks, I hope you are doing well. Love ya!

Debbie - Mandaly lives about 5 minutes away :) We see each other often. Yes, The property is right behind my dad's so it will be a great way for the kids to see them and for me to keep an eye on them :) We are turning the sunroom into a 4th bedroom so that each child can have their own room. We go on Friday to try and work out some loan details. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. <3

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you! The kids will love living so nearby their grandparents-what a dream for a kid! I will keep my fingers crossed for you Mel;) I LOVE the house! It is wonderful that your sister will be so close, and that your niece will be so close and can come to visit often:) This worked out just perfectly didn't it? Keep me posted!

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting such a refreshing story about homes. It kind of reminds me of my old home which was built mainly of just steel roof trusses and modular walls but was still a good home nonetheless, not for its constructions, but mainly, for the people that made it one.