Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When Other Sources Cease To Make Me Whole

The title of this post was taken from the song Where Can I Turn For Peace an LDS Hymn.

*** This post was written by John Mullineaux. I just happen to love it.

I Remember Not

A man kneels, beaten down by the circumstances of life when suddenly, a shadow falls on him. He raises his head to see another man who seems familiar but he just can't place this newly arrived man. In his self pity, he doesn't even care enough to try.

“What doest thou?”
“I pray to my God for comfort, for love, for strength, and for courage as much as it is expedient for him to bless me with such.”
“Thou doest not look comforted, loved, or strengthened.”
“I do not feel such either.”
“Why doest thou pray for these things? Hast thou suffered some great tragedy in thy life?”
“I have.”
“Does thy God not answer thee?”
“I know not.”
“How could thou know not? Thou hast asked a question. Surely thou would know if thou hast receieved an answer.”
“I know not.”
“ Thou saidst thou hast asked for comfort, love and strength. Thou also saidst that thou feelest not these things. Is it not clear then that hast received no such answer?”
“I know not.”
“How could thou believe on a God who would suffer this happen to thee?”
“I know not.”
“Then it must be that there is no such God. Would thou wasteth thy time believing on and sacraficing to one who doth not exist? What hath it profiteth thou?”
“I know not.”
“Then it hath become clear to me that thou truly wasteth thy time worshipping and praying to one who does not answer. Thou shalt follow me and do that which is expedient unto thine own desires.”

It was then that the kneeling man turned his gaze upward again and recognized the shadowcaster this time. It was the king of all liars. And it became clear to the kneeling man that the liar would that he should renounce his God and commit all manner of iniquity.

He began to rise from his knees with the intent of following the liar to whatever end he would lead. No sooner than his knees left the floor, a still, small voice in his heart spoke to him.

“What doest thou?”
“I seek the comfort and happiness denied me by my God.”
“So thou would believe that thy God would deny thee one of the things that he has promised all men?”
“I do not feel as if he has granted me such.”
“Art thou ready to receive it?”
“I am disquited. I have asked. What more is there?”
“Thou must soften thy heart and believe that thou shall receive comfort.”
“What does it mean to soften my heart?”
“Many times, trials will harden thy heart against the Lord. Thou mayest believe that the Lord would not allow such if he lovest you. Naught could be further from the truth. Trials may come into thy life to strengthen thee. Trials may come into thy life to strengthen others and hurt thee in the process. If thou harden thy heart, thou can not receive of the Lord’s mercy or comfort. If thou can not soften thine own heart unto the Lord, thou can pray for that also.”
“Why should the Lord soften the heart of one who has hardened it against him?”
“Because he lovest all men and he has made unto all men a promise. Would thou like to hear the Lord’s promise?”
“I would.”
“The Lord hath said, ‘And whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is right, believeing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you.’”
“So, the Lord shall soften my heart and comfort me if I but ask and believe that he will do it?”
“He will. Try it.”

The man returned to his knees with tears in his eyes and begged these things of the Lord. When the liar saw him kneel to pray once more, the liar spoke again screaming as if in anguish.

“What are you doing? I have already told you! Your God will not answer your prayers! Now come with me and I will make you happy!”

I remembered then that the liar is more miserable than anyone who has ever lived. I remembered that he would lead away all God’s children that they would be miserable like him. I felt the comfort and power of the Lord enter me as I prayed, with real intent, for the first time in I don’t remember how long. I rose to my feet and felt the Spirit of God flow through my body. I felt the words of the Lord fill my mouth as I spoke.

“Leave! Leave me and never return! My God loves me, his spirit comforts me and his son has redeemed me! And You! You have brought me nothing but misery and heartache! Now go!”

The shadow disappeared. I know that he will return many times to try again. But now I also know that the Lord will be there to protect me…if I just ask and believe.

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Teri said...

Great post and a reminder not to give up.