Monday, December 3, 2012

Every Breath I Breathe

The title of this post was taken from the song Beautiful You by Trent Monk.

"My God Sebastian even walks like his dad." 

"I know right!"

This past week I was most grateful for this one little comment made by a friend as he saw Sebastian warming up for his basketball game. Thank you Darrell for remembering...sometimes I feel alone in my grief and it's nice to know others remember those small things about Mike, and it made me smile to know that others see him in the kids.


Teri said...


Darrell said...

Thank you for posting this, Melanie. After I left I thought, man, maybe I shouldn't have said that. Maybe she didn't need me reminding her of that. But then I thought, no... those kids are bound to be a daily reminder of all that was good about the man. And there was so much.

I surprise myself with how much I still talk about him. As you might know, I have someone new in my life. I was at the ballgame with her, watching her son play. As we've gotten to know each other I've told her stories about work. Almost all of the good ones begin with "One time my friend Mike said..." or "Once, Mike and I..."

You might be surprised at how many of his drawings still hang up in control rooms and break rooms at work. There is no forgetting a guy like that, and seeing so much of him in his son the other night made me miss him, but it also made me happy for Sebastian and his siblings. They were formed from the DNA of a good man and a good woman. That's a heck of an advantage in this world.

Melanie said...

Thank you Darrell. We talk about Mike daily, he is a part of so many of our conversations. We were laughing the other day about his armpit farts, lol. It can get sad and there are moments I relive it over and over again, but knowing other people remember him like we do is amazing.

Mike thought the world of you and I am so glad that we stay in touch, one your just cool like that, and two its another link to him.

Congrats on the new someone in your life :)