Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Everyone's Got To Face Down The Demons

    The title of this post was taken from the song Jumper by Third Eye Blind.

     Demand improvement not perfection. Often times I get caught up in trying to be the perfect mother, spouse, daughter, sister, teacher and friend that I lose sight of who I am and end up feeling like a failure. What I've decided this year is that I will not demand perfection of myself, after all that is simply setting myself up for failure. What I can choose to do instead is to demand improvement. I can work hard to build upon where I am and became better than who I am in different areas of my life. I can allow for errors and mistakes and simply be happy with the improvements I see. After all, one day the kids will look something like this and it won't really matter.

**** These photo's have been altered using the app Age Booth. The kids thought they were hilarious. I will not post the pictures of John and me. They were horrendous. ****

Old Mason is even missing a tooth and only has one dollar :).



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