Friday, March 29, 2013

Oh What A Rat Race

     The title of this post was taken from the song Rat Race by Bob Marley.

     Last week John sent me a text from downstairs that went something like this.

John to me - "So, are we going to Roanoke today?"

"For what?"

"Remember, we had talked about letting Tyler get another hamster."

"Oh, yea...well I guess."

So we packed the kids into the van and headed to Petsmart. Tyler's hamster Gizmo died a few months ago; Gizmo was a cute little dwarf hamster. This time Tyler decided to pick out a Bear Hamster. Seriously that's the name of the breed. It was the ugliest hamster in the store. In fact I immediately nicknamed it Fat Rat. Honestly from the beginning I was worried it wouldn't fit in the cage she already had. I told her it might get stuck in the tubes. Nothing would change her mind, she wanted this big ugly rodent. We bought her and on the trip home Tyler had I had this conversation.

"Tyler, it's pretty big what if it doesn't fit in the cage."

"Mmmmoooooommmmm! It will be fine."

"Okay, but it is pretty fat."

"SHE'S NOT FAT, SHE'S FLUFFY! I think I'll call her Fluffy."

"Okay, but she'll be Fat Rat to me."

Fat Rat managed to escape her cage on the second night we had her. Thank heavens Tyler finally caught her as she tried to gnaw her way into her food bag. Good grief!

      So now we have a hamster named fluffy, two rabbits (Mo-Mo and Po), two cats (Tres and Snoopy), and one dog (Jasper). I'm starting to feel like I live in a zoo. I shouldn't mention that we've promised Mason he can get a gerbil if he can show us he is responsible enough to help Tyler clean Fluffy's cage. Sigh...
     On the upside we are on Spring Break next week! John is on his way home from picking up his niece who will be staying with us. We are super excited and have some fun stuff planned. Can't wait to take lots of pictures and enjoy some family time.

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