Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When All I Knew Was Steeped In Blackened Hopes

     The title of this post was taken from the song Below My Feet by Mumford and Sons.

     The other day I was getting Tyler up for school and I looked down to see her todo list for that day. I had to take a picture.

My favorite part is the very bottom where she has written "Have the Best Day EVER!" I couldn't help but smile and wipe away a tear. I am so grateful that given all she has been through she can still decide to have a positive attitude and make her day any way she chooses.
     This inspired me today. Today was the funeral for Mike's grandmother, my kids great grandmother. It was hard for a lot of reasons. There is a lot I am choosing not to focus on. Instead I'm going to go to bed tonight with a todo list on my nightstand, and at the bottom I'm simply going to write "Have the Best Day EVER!". Thank you Tyler for continuing to teach me.

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Teri said...

Kids are great. Have a great day.