Sunday, July 14, 2013

Take Your Time Don't Live To Fast

     The title of this post was taken from the song Simple Man by Shinedown.

     Today is my birthday. I'm 34 or half-way to 68 :). Yesterday, John made arrangements to have someone babysit the kids so we could go out and we enjoyed some time to ourselves...well...almost :) Jaxon was tagging along. Today, I saw my Dad at church and he gave me one of my favorite gifts from him; a great big hug. I love when daddy wraps his arms around me; it makes all seem right with the world. He gave me a kiss on the top of my head and gave me a gift card to spend on myself. Later, he brought over a gift from my mom. She's spending a few days at the beach with Mandaly so I didn't get to see her today. I want to share what mom wrote in my birthday card:

"Why did my little girl have to grow up? There is so much I miss from your sweet young years. I miss pulling you out from behind me as you would try to hide from monsters/people. I miss getting up in the middle of the night when you weren't feeling well. I miss pushing you in our swing set in the back yard when we first got it. I miss taking you swimming and dropping you all off at the pool. I can't believe I did that but I do remember it now. I miss combing your long blonde hair and putting it in ponytails. I miss buying you tons of little dresses, outfits and hair bows. I miss going for walks around the block, picking up pop cans and sitting on the old church steps and eating our picnic lunch of sandwiches, chips, and drinks out of a glass quart jar. I miss having hot chocolate ready for you after coming in out of the snow and you putting your boots and clothes by the stove to dry out. I miss Christmases of long ago and buying gifts for each of you and the excitement on your faces on Christmas morning. I miss sending my little girl off to school wondering how she was going to make it with no one to hide behind. She just needed her mommie. I miss the tons of laundry and picking up toys after you all had gone to bed. I miss rocking you, telling you stories at nighttime and reading to you. I miss taking you to piano lessons. I miss listening to you play the piano. I miss watching you cheerlead and going to all the games. You have given me so much and you continue to do so. No, I can't get back those years - years that you are now living in raising your children. If you never grew up then I would never know the joy of having grandchildren. So, in the circle of life you have given me more than I could ever give you. I love, appreciate, and respect all that you have become. Once in awhile I'd like to take care of you so the next time you get a boo-boo please let me kiss it. If someone seems to scary, just call me, I'll put my skirt on and come running, you can stand behind me and bury your face in it. I'll pat you on your head and reassure you everything will be ok. Happy birthday, I love my little girl with all my heart.

Forever and Ever,
Your Mommie"

I look at my kids and can't help but think that, quickly is approaching the days when they will leave and be on their own. Will they have as fond memories of me as I have of my mom and dad? Today may be my birthday but really I think it would be better to celebrate the amazing people my parents are. I love you Mom and Dad. Thank you for all you do for me and for the unconditional love you have always shown me. I owe so much of who I am today to the wonderful examples and life lessons you taught me. I love you both to infinity and beyond. 

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