Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You Hold My Hope In Your Palms

     The title of this post was taken from the song Don't Let Go Yet by David Roch.

     How the heck did my mom and dad manage to raise four kids without going crazy?! Let me give you some insight into what a few hours of my afternoon looked like today. I took John back to work from his lunch break at 2:00 (our van is out of commission for the moment). I picked up Mason from the bus stop at 2:50 and then went home to meet Tyler as she got off the bus at 3:05. I fed Jaxon really quick before running to get Sebastian from his bus at 4:00. I brought him home and began prepping dinner before I had to go pick up John from work. Here is how our conversations went from there.

4:15 pm - I'm attempting to figure out exactly what I want to fix for dinner given that we really need to go grocery shopping.

Tyler - "Mom, when are we going to the store to get stuff for my science project?"

Me - "After John gets home and sometime before bedtime."

Tyler - "Well, will you help me study for math."

Me - "I will but I need you to go study first and then we can review it."

Tyler - "But I don't need to study I just need to go over it with you."

Me - "Study first and then we can..."

Tyler - "But, I don't..."

Me - "Please just go do it."

Mason then walks into the kitchen and put his math paper in front of my face.

Mason - "Mom, I don't understand this. What do I do."

Me - "Read me the..."

Tyler yelling from the living room - "But I asked for help first!"

Me - "...directions. Tyler, I can answer his question in two seconds, to help you study I need more time. Please just wait."

Mason reads me the directions as Tyler yells again that she asked for help first.

Sebastian yells from the living room - "Jaxon is crying what do you want me to do?"

Me - "Tyler, you will have to wait, but please study. Mason, add the money together on the paper and write the total amount. Sebastian, just hang on a second and I'll take him."

Tyler - "Well, I'm done."
Mason - "Thanks."
Sebastian - "Can I feed Jaxon?"

Me - "No, he just ate. Just hang on."

Sebastian walks into the kitchen as Tyler slams her bedroom door - "What are you fixing?"

Me - "Baked chicken and potato cakes."

Sebastian - "I'd rather have mashed potatoes and Jaxon is still fussy. When are you going to the store because I want to go and buy some books."

At this point someone might wear the potatoes if I don't get some peace and quiet.

Me - "Just bring Jaxon to me and I'm not sure when we are going to the store. I have to finish what I'm doing before I go pick up John. Please wait."

Tyler  walks back into the kitchen - "Well when is John coming home I need to get my stuff."

Me - "I'm picking him up in a few minutes and I know you need to go to the store."

Tyler - "Well, if we hadn't waited until the last minute to do this..."

Me - "Tyler, please be paitent. We will get it done."

And within the span of an hour I have a massive headache and a deep sense that I am so screwing up as a parent. After dinner I sit down and look at the pictures from the photo session we had done yesterday. I'll pretend we are always the put together family these pictures portray :) Seriously had a great time having these done!

Pictures taken by Tony Maro. Check out his website at www.maropics.com

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