Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Can't Ignore It If It's Love

The title of this post was taken from the song Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows.

I have been asked why I would want one more child. 
"Why five kids?"
Here it is:

Most mornings start with my alarm going off at 3am. I have so much to do in a day and it's easier for me to get up early rather than stay up late. This morning, I was wide awake by 5am. I got up, got myself ready for church, and then started making pancakes with bacon for the kids. As I'm flipping pancakes and listening to music, Mason sneaks into the kitchen.

As he wraps his little arms around me...

"Morning momma! What are you making?"

"Morning Moose. I'm making pancakes and bacon."

"Yum, I like bacon. What are you listening to?"

"Just some music."

He then takes a bow and says

"May I have this dance my lady."

He puts his hand on my waist. I take his other hand. We dance around the kitchen in between flipping pancakes while I'm wearing the biggest smile ever.

 I am one lucky mom.

Jaxon wakes up while I'm still working on breakfast. I get him changed. I get his bottle ready. I asked Mason to wake Tyler up to come help me. The child who is usually the grumpiest in the morning came bounding down the stairs.

"Whatcha need mom?"

"Sweetie could you either finish the pancakes or feed Jaxon?"

"Sure. I'll feed Jaxon."

Once again my heart melts as I watch my beautiful daughter help with her little brother.

I am one lucky mom.

Next Sebastian comes upstairs.

"MOMMY! What are you fixing?"

"Pancakes and bacon."

He then gives me the biggest hug. His long arms envelop me as I rest my head on his chest. I struggle to keep from crying as I realize how crazy lucky I am to have a 14 year old that still calls me mommy and still likes to give me hugs. 

I am one lucky mom.

This is just a snap shot of one day. Many many things like this happen on a daily basis. Yes, it is crazy hectic. Yes, we are often running in 4 different directions sometimes having to draft 3 or more time-management plans before finding one that works but I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world. So...Yes, I want one more child. I want the beautiful spirit of another little soul to fill our home. Being a mother is one of my greatest callings in life.

Our home is filled with sounds of all kinds. Running, playing, squealing, barking, meowing, and, on occasion, arguing. Still I can't help feeling that, even with 4 (planning to be 5) kids, a horse-dog (we also hope to have another of those), 2 cats, and 2 rabbits,...I am one lucky mom; I couldn't be any luckier.  :)

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Beverly said...

This was so beautifully written.....I could picture your kitchen scene in my head. You ARE blessed ! I don't feel you owe anyone an explanation for your decision to have another child but you hit the nail on the head with this post. :)