Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm Working On The High Hope

The title of this post was taken from the song High Hope by Glen Hansard.    

Photo Bomb Friday

Sebastian made the Alleghany High School Concert Choir!! 
I am beyond proud of him and all of his accomplishments this year. 

So this may seem like a weird picture to post but I walked into my classroom the other day and a dear friend and coworker had left this on my desk. I love green olives. I love them so much that as a child I would get a jar of green olives in my Easter basket instead of a chocolate bunny. This friend knew it had been a rough week for me and she took time out of her day to remember something so small that meant so much to me.

Jaxon riding our horse dog Jasper :)

Tyler found this nest of baby birds in the tree in our yard. She was so excited and couldn't wait to show me. So sweet!

This past week a coworker and I drove down to Wise County, VA for a conference/training. We were there for two days and one day after lunch we took a walk in a nearby park. It was beautiful!!!

We sat under the this tree and talked for a bit. So peaceful.

John sent me this snapchat of Jaxon. He knew I was missing my kiddos while I was gone!

After being away for two nights this is what I feel asleep to last night. Just me, my bed, and my Kindle. I always fall asleep while reading and John puts my Kindle away for me when he comes to bed. One more day of work before the weekend!

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