Saturday, June 7, 2014

I'm Weird 'Cause I Hate Goodbyes

The title of this post was taken from the song Fireflies by Owl City.     

First day of school August 2013.


Last day of School June 2014.

I am so proud of the kids and all of their accomplishments this year. Sebastian will be a freshman in the fall. How is that possible? We were driving to school the other day when it hit me that Mike wasn't here for any of his middle school years. I started to cry. He wasn't able to be here to see his son try out and sing in the District Choir. He wasn't here to see him play on the JV soccer team. He wasn't here to watch him learn and grow and he find his way in the crazy awkward world that is middle school. I have to believe that Mike is looking down and if he could he would say "Dang Mel, look at what a great job you are doing with our children!" wishful thinking. Anyway, Sebastian went to his first school dance on May 30. I was so excited for him to have this experience!

Tyler just wrapped up the 6th grade. She has one more year and then she moves on to the high school. She attends school in the city while the boys go to county schools. It was a good year for her. She came home with funny stories about her locker partner that she didn't like. She was in the band this year and played the flute. She is using the same flute I played when I was in the band. It was really great to watch her practice. She is turning into a beautiful young lady and I love her so very much.

Mason is moving on to third grade. He had a rough start to his school year, but he ended on such a positive note. He will be switching school districts next year and will no longer come to school with me. His therapist thinks this will help with his anxiety, although my anxiety is shooting through the roof just thinking about it, and it will help him gain some independence from me. I think he is excited. This year had some firsts in it for him as well. He played basketball and had a wonderful time! He had an amazing coach that really took his needs into consideration and let him learn and grow. I'm so proud of him and all of his accomplishments. 

I wrapped up my seventh year teaching special education! This school year was stressful and rewarding all at the same time. It was hard being off on maternity leave and not having control of my class, but it was so great to come back and work with all of my kiddos again. We had a great end of the year and I'm already planning for next year. I didn't even have time to cry over this year ending because as soon as my students left yesterday I was moving furniture and getting my room set up the way I want it next year. I've already started on lesson plans. I have a vision for what I want next year to look like and I'm ready to work hard this summer to make it all happen!

Just a picture of me from the last week of school.

Such a beautiful view of my school!

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Durl said...

Your two oldest look like they're getting tall! I'm glad Mason is doing better. Great pics.