Friday, June 13, 2014

Sunshine She’s Here, You Can Take A Break

     The title of this post was taken from the song Happy by Pharrell Williams.

    This past week was a rough one for me. I worked on Monday, and sat in a meeting that required me to keep my mouth shut and it was very difficult because people who don't know what they are talking about just shouldn't bother to try an sound like they do. Tuesday and Thursday I worked for several hours during summer school. Wednesday, I took the kids to Roanoke (an hour from where we live) for dentist appointments and Mason's therapy session. Not to mention I'm trying to stay caught up on my classwork and it's just been hard to juggle everything. John is working again and even though he works 8-5 he never gets off at 5 and it's hard for us not having him around until later in the afternoon. Anyway, here is Photo Bomb Friday.

Jaxon exhausted after a morning at the dentist with his siblings. 

All dental appointments went really well! No one had any cavities. Mason has an underdeveloped tooth in the back that will need a crown next month, and see that top crooked tooth? Mason chipped that tooth about a year and a half ago and the dentist filled it, but it is crooked and kind of round on the bottom. We call it his snaggletooth. Anyway, it has really started to bother me but the dentist says it is loose and hopefully will fall out soon! On another note what a handsome face!!! He has his dads eyes.

Sebastian playing with Jaxon at Mason's therapy session. 

The next set of pictures I took today at the city pool. I have such fond memories of swimming there when I was young. My mom would drop all four of us kids off at the pool when it opened at 11 and would pick us up at 6 when it closed. We were there almost everyday during the summer. Sometimes, if we had money, we would walk downtown and buy snacks. I love swimming with the kids! I was nervous about how Jaxon would do but he loved it! So much fun. As I was sitting in the warm sun watching them play and snuggling with Jaxon I was overcome with such a love for my life. I sent John the following text

"I needed this. Watching all four kids having fun makes me so happy. God we are crazy blessed. I so needed this."

Despite all we have been through I am grateful for the opportunity to find some happiness.

Here is Mason.



Sebastian and Mason

Sebastian going off the diving board.

Mason going off the diving board. He makes me crazy nervous!

Tyler doing cartwheels off the diving board. Yep, she makes me nervous too!

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