Friday, August 4, 2017

If We're Gonna Stand, We Stand As Giants. If We're Gonna Walk, We Walk As Lions.

    The title of this post was taken from the song Lions by Skillet.

     July was such a busy month. I don't even know where it went. I went back to work on Monday, but I was in the school off and on before that just trying to organize things. Last week I think everything caught up to me and I got sick. I ran a fever for a few days and then I think it just turned into a cold, but for several days I was miserable. Blake is always the first child up for the day and we have a routine. I get him up and we sit on the couch under his favorite blanket for 10-15 minutes and watch cartoons. Then I fix him breakfast and he plays. We do this every single morning. He's a bit of a mommas boy. Anyway, when I was sick I didn't want to hold him because I didn't want him to get sick. He really didn't understand this and he cried and cried while yelling "snuggle mommy, snuggle mommy". It was pitiful. I tried to get him to sit next to me, but that wasn't good enough. He had to sit in my lap, under his favorite blanket. It was a long couple of days.

My poor child.

Anyway, teachers are officially back and Jaxon and Blake have been at the Y this week. They absolutely love it. Blake takes off running into his class and doesn't even look back. I've had a ton to do, but the first two days I worked really hard on unpacking and organizing my office. 

The kids start back next Wednesday. I love school starting and having a routine, but with it comes a lot of extras and an even crazier schedule. Tyler missed color guard practice yesterday because we both just forgot. Hopefully things will fall into place soon.

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